Careers at Dataframe 🐳🔥

We shape our tools, thereafter our tools shape us.
Marshall McLuhan - Predictor of World Wide Web 30 years before it was invented.

The Modern Data Operations Platform

Dataframe makes software for data teams. Dataframe is building the first Data Quality Management (DQM) platform, a platform to discover, document, validate, and monitor your data assets and pipelines for analytics and machine learning. We are backed by early investors in Facebook, Airbnb, Slack, Stripe, Brex, and Tencent.

If you're excited by the challenge of empowering our customers with clean, observable, and high-quality data assets to supercharge their work in self-driving cars, drug discovery for cancer research, or inclusive credit modeling, then you'll fit right in at Dataframe.

Our Values


[D]elightful Design over Feature Bloat

Great UX means an appreciation of the end user using the product. Great engineering to make core interactions fast (performant code) and useful (user-centric design, customer service).
Great UI means aesthetically pleasing and having a coherent visual message about what the company and product is about.

[O]ffensive over Defensive

Our offensive strategy is to exhaust all available resources to always win, ethically. Always ship product, always close deals. An “It’s OK” mentality will not be tolerated. All legal and ethical options are on the table.

[C]larity over Complexity

We exist to empower data professionals by making their lives easier and accelerating their impact. We will laser-focus on delivering clarity to manage complexity rather than fixing all problems. We communicate explicitly, directly, and clearly to surface truth as quickly as possible and avoid politics and bloat.

[T]eam over Self

Have empathy.
Go the extra mile, take out the trash, take care of your team and they will take care of you.

[O]utcomes over Process/Politics

We are outcome-focused. We have empathy for personal situations, but no leniency for missing deadlines or missing outcomes. Ask forgiveness, not permission. We design incentives to reward accretive behavior over protecting territories. We eschew vanity metrics for real concrete results directly accretive to our bottom-line. We focus on what’s important: building a product that users love, and maximizing economic value for the long term.
Being outcome-focused in engineering means shipping code, design, and documents.
Being outcome-focused in sales and marketing means closing deals and bringing in money to the organization.
Being outcome-focused in finance means closing investments, and closing acquisitions.

[R]esilience over Burnout

Building a lasting and robust company takes a lot of energy and we must have physical, mental, and financial stamina to “play the game” for the long term. We will protect our people and foster psychological safety to empower our team to grow over the long term. Get back up when you get punched in the face

[S]peed over Perfection

Speed is everything in a winning organization - the market does not care for excuses. Above all else (technical debt, efficiency-at-scale, feeling of control), prioritize rapid hypothesis testing - have a hypothesis (e.g. data scientists will pay for a data catalog), test it, and iterate as quickly as possible.