We'll tell you when your data breaks (coming soon)

So your CEO doesn't have to.

Set up monitors to detect data failures.

Monitors and tests

We'll help you set up monitors and tests over your most critical tables. We even integrate with existing pre-batch testing platforms or post-batch validation tools to ensure everything is synced and lives in one place.

Anomaly detection

Don't feel like setting up manual tests or thresholds? Let our world-class anomaly detection system just tell you when things look off.


With full Slack and email alert support, we'll let you know as soon as anything goes off the rails. Find out before anyone else on your team.

... and then we'll help you fix them.


Trace your breakage upstream and downstream without having to grep through code.

Root cause analysis

Your data lives in our custom-built graph DB. Meaning if something fails, we'll tell you the most upstream root cause we can find, reducing your time-to-fix.

Inform downstream stakeholders

Fixed the problem? With built-in issue resolution and lineage, we'll let you notify colleagues as soon as the problem is fixed. No need to blast emails to the entire company or @here on Slack. We'll handle it for you.