Discover and document your data.

Dataframe is a simple discovery, documentation, and monitoring engine for your data warehouse.

Dataframe is fast, simple, and free.

🏃‍♀️ Fast

Get started in 5 minutes, not weeks.

📓 Simple

Built for the Notion and Slack generation, with everything you need and nothing you don't.

🎉 Free

You shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg just to organize your data. Get started for free.

This is a revolutionary idea! I think this could be a key ingredient in data science and data engineering stacks of the future.
Data Engineer, Fortune 500 eCommerce company 🤑
Another data discovery tool, but this one is nice and simple. No microservices to run.
Data Engineer, Healthcare Unicorn 🦄
This tool is amazing. Seriously, I was looking for something exactly like this at my previous job. Currently I am seriously impressed.
Data Engineer, $20B IT consulting company 💼

Living documentation.

Your data, automatically indexed and searchable.

We'll automatically scrape and index your warehouse for you. No ETL, no microservices.

Bookmarks and collections.

Save and group your data, so you can get back to your job faster.

Delightful UI/UX.

Document your tables with our delightful WYSIWYG README, in docs that live alongside each table.

Work as a team.

Assign owners, create shared table collections, or just snoop around and see what your coworkers are up to.


Document and organize alongside your teammates to create a true table-first source of truth.

Designate owners.

Never go down the rabbit hole of asking "who owns this data" again.

Find out what your teammates are doing.

Reduce the daily Slack tag -- see what documentation your colleagues updated, what tables they own, what tables they're using.

Track. Everything.

We'll keep tabs on what's happening with your data, so you don't have to.

Docs, change-tracked.

We keep a list of all documentation changes, so you can keep track of who changed what and how.

Schema changes.

Avoid silent column deletions.

Tests and monitors (coming soon).

Automatically set up tests and monitors for your most important tables, so if something looks wrong, we'll tell you before your CEO does.

Ready to get started?

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