We are a tightly-knit team solving one of the most important problems in the modern workplace


Our Founders

Joseph Moon

Joseph (Co-founder & CEO) has worked with numerous Global 1000 companies in building high-impact data science and machine learning products, impacting billions of dollars in revenues and uplifting hundreds of millions of dollars of additional profits. In his decade as a data scientist, he saw an acute need to establish standardized and ubiquitous processes around managing data quality in production environments.


Robert Yi, Ph.D.

Robert (Co-founder & CDO) has worked at Wayfair and Airbnb building causal machine learning algorithms after his Ph.D. at MIT. After realizing most companies did not have the luxury of having Airbnb's data platform, he decided to fill this need in the market.


Kevin Kong

Kevin (Co-founder & CTO) has worked at Bird as the Head of Engineering. He often wondered why DataOps engineers did not have the collaboration and observability enabled by platforms like Github and DataDog for DevOps engineers. He decided to bring engineering best practices to the data science world.


Our Investors

We are backed by early investors in Facebook, Airbnb, Brex, and Big Hit Entertainment (the parent company of global K-pop sensation BTS).